Submission Guidelines

These are just guidelines: We welcome all new ideas, and we welcome you to our community!

  • The story should focus on an interaction between the main character (or self), and another person in a travel environment.
  • Riding Up Front tends to utilize a “confessional” taxi or ride-share (Uber/Lyft) driving environment, so stories of that nature are especially welcome.
  • We actively promote diversity, so we look out especially for stories that involve interaction between people from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds.
  • All writing styles are welcome! Poems, free verse, 1st person, 2nd person third person, biographical etc.
  • If possible, please keep your submission under 1000 words.

Kayla Younkin

Kayla Younkin is a traditional and scientific illustrator living in NYC. She enjoys creating anything from digitally rendered medical graphics to whimsical watercolors of animals, mermaids, and caricatures.

Paula Vrinceanu

Paula Vrinceanu: "I am a Romanian visual artist working in this field for about 10 years now. Before this, I was a pianist: my life has always been an interesting and creative journey. I still play the piano when I have time, but now I'm focusing on visual art. I work in an advertising agency in Cluj, and at night- for few hours ( because, unfortunately, I need to sleep), I freelance and work on my own art business which I've started this year."

Alexandra Burda

Alexandra Burda is from Romania and currently lives in Helsinki, Finland. She loves traveling, people, animals, history, emotions and the wonderful world of imagination. If she were not an artist, she would like to work as a scientist, or a professional athlete.Some of her portfolio can be found at

Fabian Parente

Fabian Parente, Buenos Aires, Argentina: "I'm an itinerant illustrator and martial artist currently traveling all over Latin America."

Pedro De Elizalde

Pedro De Elizalde is 25, and a Concept Artist from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Check out more of his work on his Instagram: @pdeart

Iris Hopp

Iris Hopp loves traveling and exploring the world. Her illustrations here will help you travel to the world of "Riding Up Front!"

Nina Rupena

Nina Rupena is a visual artist based in Melbourne Australia. With background in fine art, illustration and industrial design, she tends to work across mediums and practices. Her interests lie in people, stories and creating connections through art. For more info visit her page

Dina Muhic

Dina Muhic: "I am a Bosnian-born film and television scholar based in Oregon, with a passion for studying people and places through art. Fictional characters are my favorite subjects." Visit Dina's site:

Loraine Yow

Loraine Yow is a self-taught illustrator hiding in Portland, Oregon with her outlaw cat. Her home on the web can be found at