Music on Lyft 

“All songs are about the same things, after all…”

Each driver plays different songs, you turned yours extra low.

Why? No one else does it. You’re probably reluctant for people to recognize its language.

Somehow, I suspect, if it were French or Spanish or even Finnish, the volume would be higher.

At first I wanted to ask you, “What language is that?” Then, I decided not to, because we both knew, it was Arabic.

Next, I thought I would ask, “What are the lyrics about?”

But I stopped myself. I realized, there was no need.

All songs are about the same things, after all.

No matter the language or origin.

“Kazem el-Saher – Love school”


About the artist


Iris Hopp loves traveling and exploring the world. Her illustrations here will help you travel to the world of “Riding Up Front!”

Story-teller: Runfang Zhang