Lyft Love Poem

I saw you, and I knew

And I think, you knew too.
Because in the space of minutes, seconds, eternity,
In a cozy bubble of your car, your liquid voice, your brilliant mind.
I fell in love with you, I really did.

I remember everything you said then,
And everything after
And everything in-between
(I remember everything.)

And now, it’s over. There’s an ocean between us.
Of pain, separation, of things I shouldn’t have said,

of things you left unsaid.

I could cry, I could scream. I could do all sorts of things.

But I want you to know,
And I think, you know too
That the ocean between us…

It’s all just love.

About the artists:

Loraine Yow is a self-taught illustrator hiding in Portland, Oregon with her outlaw cat. Her home on the web can be found at


Cintia Troitiño: I am from Argentina, and I’m a freelance illustrator and writer with four years of experience. As an illustrator, I use a variety of techniques: digital, traditional and mixed media. I enjoy projects that allow me to improve