“I don’t want our children to have to move to Mars or wherever!”

My driver to the airport was Rahiman. We chatted briefly about the weather, Phoenix, and his work. He was from the Middle East, did not specify where, and had moved to Phoenix more than twenty years ago. He worked now as an account executive at Office Depot, and was a customer service expert. Then, he asked me what conference I had just been to.

“It’s a solar conference. You know, solar energy, smart meters, panels.”

Rahiman perked up immediately. “This is Arizona–we got lots of sun,” he boasted, as if he was personally responsible for the sun production in the state. “But I’ve also heard some horror stories,” he added, frowning.

“Like what?”

“One of my neighbors told me it took him months for the utility to approve and interconnect his new solar panels. He had to pay them for electricity while his solar panels were producing electricity.”

“And now?”

“Dunno if they finally started paying him. It doesn’t matter: I’m going to go solar this year, for sure! I’ve saved enough. And I’m going to try to get everyone else on my block to do it too.”

“But why?”

“I gotta do my part,” Rahiman declared. “We’re destroying this earth. I don’t want our children to have to move to Mars or wherever because I couldn’t be bothered to put up some solar panels!”

About the artist

Cintia Troitiño: I am from Argentina, and I’m a freelance illustrator and writer with four years of experience. As an illustrator, I use a variety of techniques: digital, traditional and mixed media. I have done work in drawing, manga/comic, animation, film and video making. I enjoy projects that allow me to improve