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Stories from drivers & passengers of Uber, Lyft and Taxis, illustrated by artists from all over the world

  RUF in the News!

Illustrated by Alexandra Burda


"Today, my driver was deaf, and mute."

Lisa Ong: Singapore.

"She cries when she doesn’t understand her homework..."

Rasool: Portland, OR

"I'm from Iraq. It's not that bad. We're not all bad people."

Margarita: San Diego, CA.

"He was shouting so loud he drowned out my Rhianna..."

Miguel, Deported: Guadalajara, Mexico

"He was always in a hurry."

Aleksey: Santa Monica, CA.

"She loves him. Maybe, if I help him, she'll love me too.”

Humit: Istanbul, Turkey

"It's my home. I don't know. Wouldn't you stay?"

Ethel: San Diego, CA.

“You have to sing it like you mean it”

Illustrated by Loraine Yow

Tears of Terror

"She raised her hands to surrender."

Illustrated by Paula Vrinceanu

Naonka: Los Angeles, CA.

“The KKK called me a 'Porch Monkey' on their website."

Emal from Afghanistan: Austin, Texas

"I'm not going to hide where I'm from."

Salma: Long Beach, California

“She’s too old; her hands shake too much.”

Siraj: Denver, Colorado

“Buddy, did we go to high school together?”

Illustrated by Alexandra Burda

Janak: Redwood City, CA

"I'm from the plains. The plains of Nepal."

Sketch of Manuel: Atlanta, GA by Annie Haines

Manuel: Atlanta, Georgia

“He tried to kill me, and I hugged him.”

Illustrated by Cintia Troitiño

Rahiman: Phoenix, Arizona

“I don’t want our children to have to move to Mars or wherever!”

Illustrated by Iris Hopp

Music of Lyft – SF Bay Area, CA.

"All songs are about the same things, after all..."

Illustrated by Courtney Zell

Sandra: Fort Lauderdale, FL

"I came at those steaks with a blowtorch!"

Illustrated by Iris Hopp

Aurora: San Diego, California

"I'm gonna teach her how to love..."

Andrei: Copenhagen, Denmark

“I love Denmark. This is a great country!”

Fathi: Paris, France

"We have a new baby. I can't just strike for days and days."

Daniel and Me: Singapore

"No one there now..."

Samuel: Chicago, Illinois

“I deliver pizza sometimes now too.”

Julián: Los Angeles, California

“I don’t trust anyone.”

Muhammad: New York, New York

"I think she's going to be a doctor."

Fayeda: Marina del Rey, CA

"He's my son. I will raise him, not her."

Fayzan: Paris, France

"Je suis zen. Tout à fait zen."

Illustrated by Iris Hopp

Julio: Miami, Florida

“Hip Hop saved me.”

Illustrated by Loraine Yow

A Lyft Love Poem

"I saw you, and I knew. And I think, you knew too."