Illustrated by Iris Hopp

Music of Lyft – SF Bay Area, CA.

"All songs are about the same things, after all..."

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Illustrated by Loraine Yow

Tears of Terror

"She raised her hands to surrender."

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Illustrated by Loraine Yow

A Lyft Love Poem

"I saw you, and I knew. And I think, you knew too."

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Illustrated by Cintia Troitiño

Rahiman: Phoenix, Arizona

“I don’t want our children to have to move to Mars or wherever!”

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Sketch of Manuel: Atlanta, GA by Annie Haines

Manuel: Atlanta, Georgia

“He tried to kill me, and I hugged him.”

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Illustrated by Alexandra Burda


"Today, my driver was deaf, and mute."

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Illustrated by Paula Vrinceanu

Naonka: Los Angeles, CA.

“The KKK called me a 'Porch Monkey' on their website."

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Ethel: San Diego, CA.

“You have to sing it like you mean it”

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Miguel, Deported: Guadalajara, Mexico

"He was always in a hurry."

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Humit: Istanbul, Turkey

"It's my home. I don't know. Wouldn't you stay?"

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Rasool: Portland, OR

"I'm from Iraq. It's not that bad. We're not all bad people."

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Lisa Ong: Singapore.

"She cries when she doesn’t understand her homework..."

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